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Bet on Boxing
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Where to bet on boxing?

Practically every sportsbook online will offer range of boxing bets, so there’s no limit of options to choose from. Here at Bet On Boxing we’ve picked a few of the top online sportsbooks which provide boxing betting lines, and review the merits of each. Always remember to compare odds between different sportsbooks when deciding to place a bet!

BtOnlineOverview: BetOnline has been running since 2001, firstly as BestLineSports, before merging with BetOnline in 2006, and is now one of the most popular bookmaking sites on the internet. Offering a casino, a poker forum and a vast online sportsbook, the site caters to every betting enthusiast, with the sports section mainly focusing on the Big Four American sports of Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Hockey. Recreational bettors and high-stakes players are both equally welcome on the site, with generous limits and great bonuses to be found on BetOnline. Software is fairly advanced and simple to use – like most sportsbooks, the markets are listed along the left-hand side with the betting slip on the right. The sports homepage hits you with a wealth of detail and numbers straightaway, but new users won’t necessarily feel overwhelmed, as everything is clearly laid out. Widely viewed as a solid choice for the average sports bettor.

Boxing:  The BetOnline site doesn’t cover boxing as thoroughly as it does some other sports, but there is usually enough to keep boxing enthusiasts interested. The site mainly offers To Win bets, and could possibly benefit from adding some more options for variation. There is a highly helpful large database right on the BetOnline website covering a range of past results and analysis, so basically everything users will need to make an informed bet about an upcoming fight. These articles will help give you the ‘betting edge’ when it comes to playing a wager. BetOnline allows wagers of up to $2,000 on its boxing betting lines.

Bonuses: New customers to BetOnline can get an extra 25% added onto their sports betting bankroll when they make their first deposit, up to $1000. Regarding promotions, they differ from their competitors in the sense that the site doesn’t just offer a great new depositor bonus, but instead provides a Lifetime Bonus Guarantee. BetOnline offers a 25% bonus on every deposit customers will ever make when they use the site. Customers can also avail of a $50 free play on their first ever Mobile sports bet. is a good site to find the latest Bet Online promo codes.

Banking: BetOnline offer banking transactions with four different credit cards as well as e-wallets and wire transfers, all in a selection of several different currency options. The site offers a helpful live chat feature should customer need assistance. Deposits and withdrawals are fast and effortless, but one complaint some customers raise is the fact BetOnline still doesn’t offer a payout method without incurring fees. However, withdrawals can be requested for free once each month, and BetOnline use a system whereby customers can avail of $50 credit towards withdrawal fees.

Rating: 7.5/10

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Bet365Bet365 Under Review

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888 SportsOverview: 888 Sports is a forerunner of the UK online sportsbook market, with a website created back in 1998 and a loyal customer base that has been expanding for well over a decade. A range of sports markets are offered on the site across global and domestic leagues and events. The site’s user-friendly software ensures newcomers won’t have any problems navigating between the sports bets available. All of 888’s sports betting lines are clearly listed down the left hand side for bettors to pick from, with a constantly updating list of events down along the centre of the screen. The betslip for customers to add chosen bets to is aligned to the right, so all in all notably similar to most other popular sportsbook sites. Some minor sports arguably lack attention on the 888 site but since they offer what the vast majority of bettors are after they’ll remain in the good books. A list of upcoming live events for in-play betting is laid out, for placing bets on events which are currently happening. 888sport offers great variety in betting options, with plenty of pre-event betting lines and some one-off “special” bets on the market.

Boxing: Every weight category is covered on the 888 Sports site, from Super Lightweight to Heavyweight and everything in between. Total Rounds, Round and Method, and Go the Distance bets are all offered, as well as Win/Lose/Draw on each match. Bouts at all levels are offered, from high-profile big name fights to smaller events on a more modest scale. In-play options are also pretty good, any running boxing fights have updating stats for bettors to wager on.

Bonuses: 888 Sports refresh their promotions fairly frequently. They currently have a “treble odds on your first bet” – giving new customers treble the odds on their initial bet, with any extra winnings added to their account the next day. All qualifying bets for this offer must entail a real money bet of at least £5 on any sports market of your choice, and must be settled within 1 year of placing the bet. Those new customers who take advantage of this offer could potentially receive an £888 Free Bet, as they progress further up the winners leaderboard.

Banking: 888 Sports will accept deposits in a varied range of methods, from VISA, MasterCard and PayPal, to Neteller and Skrill. Banking is reliably safe and secure, with quick payouts and very friendly customer service if any issues do happen to arise. 888 staff are available 24/7 via email or phone to lend a hand if necessary.

Rating: 8.5/10

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PaddyPowerCTAOverview: Being the third largest online bookmaking business in Britain and Ireland, Paddy Power has provided betting services for over almost thirty years. The popular company has many land-based betting shops across the country, and is well-known for its unconventional marketing and laddish demeanour when it comes to promotions. Paddy Power offers varied betting markets on a multitude of different sports (as well as plenty of one-off bets on non-sport related events). The site has live in-play betting for football, cricket, tennis and basketball with a wide range of games for each sport available. The in-play section has up-to-date information on scores and times, with customers able to save matches to their favourites. The website has a straightforward lay-out with their trademark green colour scheme. The Paddy Power cashback specials on particular matches allow customers to avail of a refund on their losing bets, if a particular player scores the last goal/point.

Boxing: Paddy Power offers a range of betting markets on boxing matches, including Total Rounds, Method of Victory, Alternative Round Betting, and bets on likelihood of Knockouts during the bout. Bets are also taken on whether fights will go the distance, or whether both fighters will be knocked down during the match. A wide range of matches are always being covered by the Irish bookmaker, from headline challenges to lower level bouts. The odds offered are competitive, and there’s always a broad choice of fights to choose from. Some special bets are offered, they currently have several on whether individual fighters will win medals at the next Olympics.

Bonuses: The new customer promotion allows players to open a new account with Paddy Power and receive three free £10 bets, once they’ve placed a bet of £10 or more. The site has a range of bonuses for existing customers, usually within their football betting lines.

Banking: Paddy Power customers can avail of local land-based betting shops to add funds to their accounts, or simply deposit in Pounds Sterling or Euro using a range of methods – credit/debit card, cheque, PayPal, Western Union and e-wallates such as Skrill and Netller. Withdrawals are fast and easy, and any complaints are swiftly dealt with by the helpful live online chat stoma service team.

Rating? 8/10

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UnibetOverview: Unibet has been an established all-round gaming site since 1998 and has remained steadfastly popular for the trustworthy and secure betting service it provides. Currently one of Europe’s largest online bookmakers, it has over 10 million users across 100 countries. Unibet prides itself on the tightly maintained online security it ensures for its customers. The website has an extensive list of forty different sports for users to choose from, aligned along the left-hand side of the screen with the betslip provided on the right to keep track of open bets and add new betting lines to. Unibet provides an in-play section for live betting on a a range of sports game and matches, mostly football related, as well as live streaming whereby users can view the full up-dated schedule of upcoming events.

Boxing: Huge range of boxing matches are covered by the site, from high profile events to smaller head to head bouts in all the wight divisions. Bettors can place a wager on boxers to win or draw, bet on which round they’ll win in as well as bets on total rounds in a match. One-off specials are available, like whether two boxers will meet in the next year, as well as bets on knockouts. Odds on the match are posted before the event to give players enough opportunity to place their wager. For live events, Unibet provides a counter so players know how long they have left to place their bets before the bout begins.

Bonuses: New customers are offered a £20 refund as a welcome bonus if the first bet they place loses (this is received as a bonus once an initial deposit of at least £10 is made). This Unibet promotion is currently restricted to UK residents (international customers to Unibet can avail of a 50% risk-free bet up to €15 instead). Customers who have referred a friend to the Unibet site can also avail of a handy £20 cash bonus for themselves.

Banking: Customers on Unibet can easily deposit funds into their account through a number of methods; Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, UKash and more. The e-wallet options are naturally the quickest and don’t incur any fees. Withdrawals are equally speedy, but must be made via the method you previously used to deposit. The limits both for depositing and withdrawing are fairly generous.

Rating? 8.5/10

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An online sportsbook which particularly appeals to US players, this site has a wide array of betting markets available in a range of 18 different sport categories.

One of the world’s largest online bookmakers with currently over 18 million customers worldwide, and covers an impressive selection of sports on its sportsbook site.

The popular bookmakers have a comprehensive sportsbook which caters to a full range of sports fans.

The Irish bookmaker offers a extensive number of sporting bets, and this is particularly true when it comes to the boxing section.

A hugely popular European betting site, which operates across 100 countries worldwide.


How to bet on boxing?

Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the world thanks to the thrilling combination of skill, strength and intensity found within the boxing ring’s one-on-0ne atmosphere. It’s a deeply competitive display of dominance guaranteed to have spectators enthralled, as two athletes use all the stamina, strategy and power they possess to knock one another other out. While it was not always considered a legitimate sport, boxing’s massive popularity, widespread appeal, hero-making potential forced the sporting authorities to recognise its value. There are now four main global boxing governing bodies – the IBF, WBA, WBC and the WBO – who regularly award titles to the champion boxers in every weight division.

Being a fairly straightforward sport to place a wager on, boxing has long been associated with betting – simply place your money a boxer you consider most likely to win the fight. Boxing’s profitability for punters is well-recognised by bookmakers, who offer a range of bets on professional and amateur boxing matches throughout the year. To keep things interesting, as well as offering odds on who will win, lose or draw, most bookmakers will also offer a variation of special bets or proposition wagers on different aspects of the fight. Thanks to the diversity in online betting nowadays, it is possible to place bets on how many times a boxer will be knocked down on a round-by-round basis, whether he’ll knocked out at a specific point in the fight, if a boxer will come in under/over weight, and bet on which round the fight will end.


Boxing bets can be broken down into a number of options:

  1. ‘To Win’ Bets – Simply a wager on which fighter will win, with a draw also being offered (but at very long odds due to its relatively rare occurrence).
  2. Round Betting – Bet on which fighter will win, and in which round (a good option if the odds on the favourite are particularly low and possibly not worth betting on)
  3. Method of Win – Bet on who will win, and how (either by decision, points, knockout or disqualification)
  4. Fight To Go The Distance – Bet on whether the fight will last the whole 12 rounds
  5. Alternative Rounds – Bet on when you think the fight will end (ie. Round 8, Round 9)




Tips for Boxing Bets

There a number of factors to consider when choosing to place a bet on a boxing match. Most often, bettors are just inclined to go with their instinct when it comes to a fight, and place their money on the boxer they simply just prefer. For those willing to take a more detached and clinical approach to their bet, they can review the bigger picture surrounding a fight to find some clues about who the best contender will be.


  • When reviewing the likelihood of a boxer, think about their recent current form – have they won their past few matches? How has their stamina/speed/strength been looking lately? Have they suffered any injuries recently? If they’re on top form, they’ll have racked up convincing wins from their last few fights.
  • As well as this, have a look at which fighter has the better track record overall in their career – who has more wins and more knock-outs?
  • Training is important, so consider which boxer has benefited from a superior training camp, with a more focused trainer? Do they regularly hit their target weights?
  • A boxer must not only have an intimidating fighting style, but it must be superior, more consistent, and adaptable. Have they shown they can adapt their fighting style to each opponent they face?
  • Don’t forget to think about the home/away factor – which boxer is fighting at home? The effect of a hometown crowd and atmosphere can be significant on a fight. It bolsters the home fighter, provides increased motive and energy and intimidates the opponent. A home venue often comes with home judges, which is another thing to consider.
  • Think about what is motivating each fighter – which boxer has more to gain? Or more to lose? Are they fighting to reclaim a title?

Having a good examination of these factors in relation of the fight you’re betting on will give you a far better insight into the most likely contender!


Our sportsbook reviews 

Are you a boxing fan considering signing up to an online sportsbook but aren’t sure which one to go for? Bet On Boxing takes the pressure off any decision making for you. Simply have a read through our comprehensive reviews, where we have assessed all the main features on each site, so you’ll know whether it’s right for you. We’ve reviewed bonuses for new customers, available banking methods, customer service standards and each site’s provision of boxing bets – all so you don’t have to!